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Custom Matte Cash Envelope

Custom Matte Cash Envelope

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Custom Matte Cash Envelope

Organize your finances with our Matte Cash Envelopes to keep track of your budget and make sure you stay on top of your finances! These matte envelopes are perfectly designed for carrying cash while keeping your money safe and secure. You'll appreciate the convenience that these envelopes bring to your financial planning.


- One Envelope

  • Category of your choice (enter below)
    • Ensure spelling is correct
    • Use Capital/lower case as desired

- Laminated Vellum

- 6.75 x 3.85 in

- Binder not included

- Hole punched - see details below for personal or A6 binders.

- No hole punch 6.75 x 3.5 in

Which binder do you have, personal or A6?

Many online shops (Amazon, Ali Express) incorrectly label their binders.

Measure the distance between your inner most rings.

- A6 Ring binders have a gap of 2 inches.

- Personal Rings binder have a gap of 1.5 inches.

Message from the owner:

These items are handmade by me, meaning they are not perfect.  The sizing per envelope may be slightly smaller/larger than the next.  Please know that I do my very best to make them as close to perfect as possible.

Items are Final Sale

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